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I'm a young Web developer working on open source projects

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I'm a newbie web designer & back-end developer with the ambition to conquer the WEB. I'm interested in all kinds of frameworks and libraries, but my major focus is on PHP with Laravel for my back-end, and AngualrJS for the front-end with some bootstrap HTML and CSS of course. I can comfortably set up a website from scratch with Bootstrap and customize it with CSS. And now I'm satisfying my appetite for the web with some delicious Javascript. And it comes with so many treats. As you've noticed, my portfolio is setup on jekyll and hosted on GitHub pages, finally got my own little space in the Web to express my skills and Rantt about stuff . I'll be uploading a few projects that I've started working on soon. In the meanwhile, if you’re looking for a decent front-end developer than look no further. I'm open to working with people who are passionate about their ideas and very much interested to be a part of a startup.

"A wise man never knows all, only fools know everything."

An African proverb
As an Undergraduate student in my 4th year, I'm still working on my skills by working for Open Source Projects that I'll be posting soon on my portfolio

PHP(5.6/7.0), Laravel 5.0

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap

MySQL, MongoDB

JavaCC, LaTex, JAVA

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